The home of structural waterproofing, ground gas protection and environmental protection liners

StructureSeal specialises in providing our clients with a complete structural waterproofing service for basements, car parks, balconies and podium decks for projects ranging in size from an individual house plot or conservatory extension all the way up to a commercial office block or industrial warehouse.

We are experts when it comes to dealing with Ground Gas Protection and our specialist and knowledgeable ground gas protection team are always on hand to advise our clients on how to deal with ground gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, radon and hydrocarbon or VOC vapours prior to them embarking on a new construction project, or if they require our expertise on a structure that has already been built.

We also undertake many projects each year, on behalf of our clients, requiring environmental liners for both private individuals and commercial customers alike, such as housebuilders who require the lining of a SuDS basin on new housing developments.

In-House Expertise

We have all the necessary expertise in-house to undertake all these types of work and our well trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable directly employed workforce are there to guide our clients through the processes, ensuring their build is waterproofed and protected from ground gases as required to comply with the latest British Standards.

We have built up an enviable reputation in our sector as a leading provider of structural waterproofing and ground gas protection services and we can count many of the leading main contractors and ground works companies and design teams all across Scotland as our clients.

Giving You The Best Possible Service

We would always encourage potential clients to engage with us as early as possible, preferably at the initial design stage of their build, so that we may provide them with our expertise and advise them on how best to protect their build from water and gas ingress.

Our highly skilled teams excel at bringing their knowledge and expertise to the fore, providing our clients with excellent workmanship and first-class customer service. We are experts in what we do, so you can be sure that when you engage StructureSeal, then your project is in safe hands.